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Rick & Kim MartinWe are two unique individuals working together toward a common goal harmoniously, creatively and joyfully. We are concerned and conscientious about our health, the health of our planet and value family, life, happiness and relationships.

Kim and I have always looked forward to the day we could head out on the road in search of adventure. In February 2006 our dreams of jumping into our RV and joining this exciting lifestyle became a reality.

Kim is 61 years of age and I am 62, we are both healthy, innovative, business minded individuals with strong morals. We believe in the old adage that if a job is worth doing its worth doing right. In September of 2005 we sold our businesses in which we ran and published a popular northwest newspaper The Local Fisherman News. View past issue of our newspaper.

I developed the publication from scratch in May of 1998, and in the eight years that followed it grew rather quickly into a must have for Northwest anglers. It was a demanding job that required my full attention and eventually reached the point where it needed to be taken to the next level. We found ourselves lacking the resources to manage and grow it to its full potential. That's when we decided to sell out and begin our dream of traveling the US by RV. Unfortunately the buyer could not keep it going and stopped publication a few years later.

I have a rather extensive background as a public and private security professional, over 10 years, and have developed a number of great relationships with former employers. Providing onsite security is one of our specialties. More I also have extensive experience as a maintenance engineer and in reservations.

Kim and I have been together since we were in high school and married since 1978. We have two wonderful children, both girls, who are now grown married and have families of their own. We have also been blessed with six wonderful grandchildren, Joey, Troy,  Eliot, Emma, Zander and Jacob. We love each of them dearly. We are not materialists and don't need a lot to enjoy life. When it comes down to it -- all a person really needs is their health and their family -- and those are the things we cherish most.

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Our Rig

Our truck is a custom 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 one-ton 4+4 with a 6 speed manual, HO 5.9 Cummins Turbo Diesel, PRXB Exhaust brake, air ride,  (see photos below).


Below is our current trailer; 37 foot Carriage Cameo (2011) with a 30 foot full-wall slide on street side and 13 foot super slide on curb side. GVW 16,600. It has upgraded 19.5 commercial Boar wheels and tires.

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Our second trailer (2009-2018) was a 30 foot 1994 NU-WA Hitchhiker II with one supper slide. It served us well for over 8 years.

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Our first rig (below) was a fully customized well maintained F250 Ford Ranger 4x4 Pickup that I purchased new in December 1979. I owned this rig for over 30 years (1980-2008). We took a lot of family trips to some fun locations in this outfit and really loved it. We also received a lot of complements on this unit while full-timing (2005-2008).


I had the original gas engine, a 351M which I meticulously maintained, professionally rebuilt to above standard performance ratings in 2000, after racking up well over 250,000 miles of faithful service. On the dino machine the new engine dished out 180 horse power at the rear wheels at 4,000 rpm, and that's with a 354:1 rear end. It does a more than adequate job of hauling the load. Mileage is 7 to 8 MPG loaded or empty. Total weight with camper is a little over 4˝ tons. Utility trailer is 2˝ tons.

This truck had a 4 speed manual transmission and I equipped it with Hewing sway bars front and rear, 3,000 pound over loads, additional leafs front and rear, Firestone Air Ride with in-cab controls, flexsteel bucket seats with center console, heated west coast mirrors, HD three core radiator, HD 3,000 pound polished aluminum wheels, 10 ply steel belted Good Year tires, two 6 volt deep cycle batteries (wired in series), onboard battery maintainer/charger, diesel truck air horns and an onboard 2.4 cfm 12v air compressor with a 2˝ gallon reserve tank. I also upgraded the headlights to extreme bright white H4 HID's. Next upgrade - a GPS unit.

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I have always undertaken all of the maintenance and upgrades to my vehicles myself, except for major work like engine rebuilds and transmission work which I have done by a professional. I am very mechanically inclined, having grown up in a machine/small engine shop. My father is a retired diesel mechanic.

Our camper was a custom deluxe, completely remolded, 1972 fully self contained 11˝ foot EL Dorado. I spent extensive hours customizing this unit inside and out, greatly enhancing its comfort and livability for full-time living. It weighed 4,500 pounds empty and was very comfortable and well appointed. View interior photos. I painted it to match the truck which make for a very sharp looking rig.

Our family traveled to many destinations in this unit and experienced many memorable moments, none of which any of us will ever forget. To read about our trips and some of our most unusual and exciting moments visit our Stories and Special Moments page. To read about what we are currently doing visit our Current Log page.

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Never continue in a job you don’t enjoy.  If you’re happy in what you’re doing, you’ll like yourself, you’ll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with physical health, you will have had more success than you could possibly have imagined.

                                                                                                  -- Johnny Carson


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