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If you are an employer with positions available please e-mail us. We have our own high speed internet access and check our e-mail regularly.

You may also call our cell phone numbers below, between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. (PST), seven days a week. We use Verizon, so if you have Verizon please call us from your cell whenever possible to help conserve our minutes.

By phone:
Rick: 503-720-9033. Kim: 503-866-5199 (Verizon)
Best to contact us by email as in some areas cell reception is spotty.
Our current land line: n/a
Our current time zone: Pacifc Standard.

By mail:
Rick & Kim Martin
514 Americas Way #2155
Box Elder, SD 57719

By e-mail: E-mail

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